Mining Accessories

Find all mining accessories around different brands at MCK Temiskaming Shores in Quebec.

Generator at MCK Temiskaming Shores, Ontario.

MCK Temiskaming Shores offers a complete range of products to meet your industrial needs. Our industrial generators are fitted with a low-emission diesel engine, complying with the environmental standards.

Our industrial generators are equipped with a soundproof box, enabling them to reach a maximum sound level ranging from 63 DB(a) to 68 DB(a). Designed especially for industrial use, our generators are robust and safe and do comply with high standards.

Tramac Rockdrill at MCK Temiskaming Shores, Ontario.

MCK Temiskaming Shores is a proud distributor of Tramac products, founded just over 40 years ago. Tramac products are recognized for their sturdiness and adaptability. They provide constant high output, unparalleled reliability, low maintenance, long service life and innovative features.

At MCK Temiskaming Shores, we are proud to offer the following Tramac products;

  • Hydraulic breakers
  • Recycling equipment
  • Drills
  • Milling machines
  • Demolition equipment
  • Stationary arms
  • Compactors
  • Shears
  • Handling equipment

Contact our Industrial Sales Representative for more details about our Tramac products.

Cable Reel at MCK Temiskaming Shores, Ontario.

Thanks to its expertise in the mining sector, MCK Temiskaming Shores has designed a cable reel, which can make you save time and money. This innovative product will also increase your productivity performance.

Moving cables in roadways, can be a long and delicate operation, and sometimes even unsafe. This accessory will help improving your efficiency, while making your task as safe as possible. As simple as : plug your cable reel to an hydraulic power source, and voilà!

For more information, please contact your industrial sales representative.

Do you have questions about our mining accessories? Contact your MCK Temiskaming Shores dealer.

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